Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blitz Review: Peridot - Star Collecting

   Two piece bands have always fascinated me. Two piece bands that are husband and wife have fascinated me even more, not just because they're married, but because it takes a lot of cooperation and willpower to be in a band. Sure, you can attribute that to the whole 'marriage' thing, but believe you me, I've heard more people against the idea of being in a band with their significant other than for. That may have attributed to my appreciation for what Peridot was trying to do on their EP, Star Collecting.

   While initially feeling like a clone of Matt and Kim, Peridot quickly pushed that affiliation aside by being a little more dream-like in their pop delivery. "The Illusionist" feels like the most complete song on the EP, trudging along with a effective drum beat that never takes away from the melodic, but never over-zealous, synth line. It's a perfect definition of what these two are capable of, and if they harness that sound, can be for a long time. "The Philanthropist", is a little more subdued, but plays into a psychedelic theme that makes up for what it lakes in tempo. The vocals do feel a little loud and over-produced on this track, but Sienna Armstrong is at least a talented singer, so there's not much room for a complaint here.

   "Peoplespeak" has the most prominent and enjoyable synth part on the entire EP, it's just a shame the track wasn't able to get a little more out of its drums level wise (The actual playing of them is fine, though). It does feel like they took the most time with this song, constructing something that plays into a familiar hand, making their sound more accessible to others. "Sad Girls" and "Pinnacles" are both more somber in their approach (I mean, come on, the songs called "Sad Girls" afterall), and while they don't really leave much of a lasting aftertaste, they do show the groups range and potential for variety. And lastly "Ghosts", the second track on the EP, gets a nod due to the fact that it felt like a long lost Portishead song, or at least a long lost one they made when they first started out ages ago.

   Star Collecting grew on me as I listened to it a second time, mostly because I could see what they were trying to do and what they were capable of becoming. The mere fact I tapped my feet to some of these songs is a testament to their ability to craft a catchy tune, and that's no easy feat in this day and age (Just with me though. I'm a bit of a foot-tapping prude. Also, that wasn't mean to be a pun). I just hope they harness their sound and make it grow next time around. We'll all be in their debt when they do.

- Shane

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