Friday, July 26, 2013

Blitz Review: B'Gosh - Sweeties

If you're into music as much as I am, you come across the good, the bad and the really bad. But, it's not really put that simply. Somewhere, between the blurred lines of acceptance and displeasure, is bewilderment. Only, for me, bewilderment has a charm to it.

While scouring for something to review today I came across a little band called B'Gosh. Not exactly the most accommodating of band names on the tongue, but whatever, The Beatles had a shitty name and they did just fine. While listening to their new album, Sweeties, I felt like my face must have looked like I was eating some family members dinner they cooked that I didn't like, placating them with a smile both they and I knew was fake. Only, this time around, it was because I couldn't come to terms as to why I liked B'Goshs' sound. Only thing I knew was I did,

"Hurricane Will Come", their opening track, is a pleasant little track that, while oversaturated with a trebly guitar riff, manages to make it work over their almost unhearable drum track. That juxtaposition might throw some people off, but I find things like that gratifying. "The Only Meal" and "Calamity Jane", managing to sound a bit tighter, reminded me of The Fruit Bats (Who, if you've never checked out, you should), delivering just enough of a folk-like vibe to an otherwise pretty standard rock song. It brought me back to 2005-2006, when this type of combination started to take over indie rock.

"Ba Ba Doo Way" (Yes, that's an actual song title) and "Far Away From Old Wilmington" keep the folk vibes going for the band, and manage to keep the album going at a quick, but not punk rock quick pace. But even with the addition of folk to the bands sound, it sometimes gets to be a bit too much. I was reluctant to use the word 'Spazzy' , but came to the conclusion that it was a pretty apt description. Now, I like a spaz vibe put into any kind of music, but there was something about the bands use of treble throughout the album that made a few moments for me really unbearable. It didn't detract much from the album, but I might recommend mixing in the bass more for future albums. 

Honestly, it just sounds like these guys have a blast making music. Not every album has to be tweaked for hours in your home-made music studio your girlfriend hates because it takes up the one other free room in the apartment (That's not from experience, I can just see that totally being a thing). Sweeties bewildered me a bit, but totally won me over with its awkward charm. If you've got a soft spot for checking out a bunch of dudes fun music project, then B'Gosh is right for you! - Shane

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