Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It took me five minutes to figure out the introduction of my blog....

Welcome to Everything Sounds The Same To Me.

That's about as far as I got when thinking about how I would introduce this blog.

Music is one of three things in the world everyone likes, air and living being the other two. But although music is universal, it's also very personable. No two people are alike in their appreciation of music. You may find a man who likes death metal, and the occasional Phil Collins tune. His friend also likes death metal, but thinks Phil Collins should be dragged out into the street and beat to death for the music he makes (Conservative guess on that one). Point is, everyone is different, and so is the music we make.

So with that in mind I must warn you that this blog will have its loyalties to certain genres, but will be different every time it's updated. It's important to explore the world of music, because there's so much out there to listen to. Hopefully you'll enjoy taking the trip with me - Shane, ESTSTM

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