Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blitz Review: Oaf - Birth School Oaf Death

Did you see those massive crowds of people celebrating yesterday in England? Well, it really wasn't for the royal baby being born. Truth be told, it was because Oaf was releasing their new album, Birth School Oaf Death

Somewhere, among all the havoc of this album, I came to the realization their sound was, well, unique, much like most things British are. Comprised of two members, Oaf is like the baby of Death From Above 1979 and Faith No More. Confused? I was a bit too, but kept my mind open to it. "Fuck Off Seagull" and "The Terrors" play more like what the band describes themselves as: A punk band. Not punk in the traditional sense, but a minimalist, two man punk band trying to puncture your ear drums with bass strings (As I wrote that, I cringed thinking how much that would actually hurt). 

Other tracks like "Kill The Stupid People", which sounds, as much as it can, more metal than the other tunes and "Are You Loathsome Tonight?", which had some semblance of The Stray Cats without Setzers cool cat vocals, remind the listener that these gentlemen at least had some fun in making this music, which, as any good music aficionado knows, can go a long ways.

I came across Oafs' Birth School Oaf Death by accident, but I'm not complaining about it. Living in America, I don't come across unique things that often, which is strange considering we like to say our country is a 'Cultural Melting Pot'. So if you have an interest in broadening your musical spectrum, an interest in anything or everything British or simply want to know what a lovechild between Death From Above 1979 and Faith No More would sound like, check out Birth School Oaf Death today. - Shane

Also, check out the album here on bandcamp: http://oafmusic.bandcamp.com/album/birth-school-oaf-death

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