Friday, August 9, 2013

Blitz Review: Fox Brothers - Wake The Wolves

Jealousy will consume an individual to no end. Once you get a whiff of someones effortless similarities to something you do, your body can't help but wince thinking about why you couldn't do the same. Can you get rid of this jealousy? Absolutely, it's more of a pain in the ass then anything. Having said that, I have to admit to a twinge of jealousy while listening to The Fox Brothers EP, Wake The Wolves.

Now these 'kids' (I'm going to use that term loosely here) say they're in high school, and whether or not that's true, it doesn't have any effect in how I view the music. What it enhances, really, is how I view their raw talent, which they seem to have a lot of. Somewhere between commercial pop and indie-rock, The Fox Brothers (Who seem to have a love of Wes Anderson as well) are way ahead of whatever age bracket their in. Assuming they're not 30 year olds posing as teenagers, I'll go ahead and say they're young.

"Wolves", which has a very fifties feel about it, and "The Strangest Times", which comes across almost too sweet but stays mature enough not to wander into teeny-bop territory, are the best additions to the EP. They display an understanding of song structure unknown to even people my age (I'm young, but not watching nickelodeon while nobody watches young), and it proves they could continue this strong showing in the future.

Others like "Astronauts" and "Bonnie And Clyde" don't falter either, but remain more basic then the other tunes. It's important for songs like these to exist for these guys because most people have the attention spans of some boxer who's been hit in the head a bit too many times (I'm actually sure they have perfectly fine attention spans. Please don't beat me up ex-present-or future boxers). But you know what I mean. People need things to have a flow to them, instead of always being too different or too similar.

Wake The Wolves is a nice EP in that we get a glimpse of young artists not afraid to try something different. Hopefully, they stay humble enough to continue making unique music, and don't lose the drive to keep playing it as they get older. That's something all of us could take a note from. - Shane 

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