Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Free Hidden Gems: Napoleon's Dogs - S/T

Free Hidden Gems is a new post about, well, free music you can download online that you probably wouldn't know unless some devotee, like me, posted it for you. That's about as much an explanation as I need.

The Free Hidden Gem of the day belongs to Napoleon's Dogs, hailing all the way from Glasgow. It's only a 5 track EP, but songs like "Submission" and "Control" are catchy enough to warrant the free download alone. They sound a little bit like Interpol, but with a dancier vibe to them, which is refreshing to hear in todays almost stagnant musical world. It's a little rough around the edges, but these guys are young, and I know it's hard to get people together to make a band in the first place, so when they make a new full length album, I'll be a little more critical and not just say, 'Hey! You! Download this!' (Although, as I wrote this, I did my work and found out the band was breaking up anyways, but might as well have some good, free music, right?). 

Check out and download the self-titled EP here!

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  1. Missed their last ever gig. Gutted. Scotland's loss is Asia's gain. The two frontmen are off to Vietnam and South Korea to teach. Hopefully they will destroy K-pop. :-)