Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blitz Review: The Glendas - Keep Real

Confidence is something you gain over time. It's not about trying to be more than you are, it's about knowing who you are and what you're capable of. You can walk whatever walk you'd like once your confidence has settled in, and when it has, things get a whole lot easier. Keep Real, by The Glendas, proves these guys are sure about what they're doing.

Occasionally progressive, yet always brash, The Glendas play a very full sound for a 2 man band. It's reminiscent of Japandroids, but offers less fuzz and more of a straight forward rock vibe. Two man bands are a hard thing to pull off, but The Glendas manage it very well.

This 5 song EP offers up some pretty great tunes, even if one or two aren't as well-thought as the others. "Bow + Arrow" distances itself from the rest of the pack because of its attitude and catchy riffs. It's energetic, and builds up an intensity over the course of the song, but never releases it, which is a tease, but a good one. "Sore Eyes" and "Marionettes" are other sold additions, giving the band a bit of math-rock cred and establishing a variety of sounds they can work with in the future.

Only the other two tracks, "Keep Real" and "Wait Your Turn" sound a bit generic, but they're solid tracks on their own. I assume they make these to maybe appeal a wider audience, because as much as someone like me loves their more abrasive material, a whole albums worth might turn off potential fans, and that's something I totally understand. 

Keep Real is a solid EP, but more importantly showcases an emerging bands talent. Making a sound this large, with so few people, is incredible, and should be done by more artists. So check out the EP today! - Shane

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