Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: New Cassettes - The Art Of....

There's a person inside of you who doesn't come out until you're alone. Maybe not all of you, but some of you. See, many of you have to keep up an appearance to others, because you can't be seen any other way or else you'll be ridiculed for it. That might be a generalization, but more often than not you won't come clean to liking something unless you're alone. New Cassettes sound like the type of band you wouldn't admit to liking to your friends with the album, The Art Of....

Combining an alternative-indie sound with a pop-punk backbone, New Cassettes come across as very accessible, never really straying from the path of good, but not memorable music. "You Won't Stop" offers up a catchy tune that glides along with a disco-like beat, but even when it stands out as one of the better tracks on the album, it never really feels fulfilling. Even "Lighthouse" and "Carnivals", which are respectable in their own right, don't last with you because everything has the same sort of tone. While a song might try to be a little edgier, it never develops into something else, relying on the same tired method that the previous song employed. It's really a shame since, when they're hitting their stride, I could see these guys becoming something more.

"Huey Lewis" and "Recover/Retreat" have less life in them than the fly I had to kill in my room because it wouldn't stop flying around my face like an asshole. I just wanted to make that analogy because I thought it'd be funny, but really, they feel life-less. Being inspired by other great bands like these guys are (Check out their facebook and see), I can see what they're trying to do, but, at least for me, it fails to live up to it's intended potential.

New Cassettes have some decent songs on this album, but they're not enough for me to feel any sort of affection towards this album. At least with The Art Of..., they've made an appealing package to other people who are less inclined to deal with snobbery, and are more interested in songs that will get your feet moving. You may not admit it to your friends, but I'll have no problem telling mine what I think of it. - Shane

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