Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blitz Review: Year Of Scummery - S/T

There's a reason punk has become such a defining genre over the last 40 years. Well, there's multiple reasons, but one of the strongest ones is how universal it is. You don't need to play minute long songs, talking about how the man keeps you down while drumming faster than Animal from the Muppets. It's more about the way an act carries themselves, and simply does their thing instead of focusing on the main tropes of punk. Year Of Scummery seem to fall into that category.

Year Of Scummery play folk music first and foremost. That seems to be what they're really concerned about, and that's good. "Cams Cry Song" and "Life's Short" are the best examples of what they're capable of, delivering punk-infused folk songs that are as varied as the roots of folk are themselves. They often wander into gypsie-like territory, but they stay grounded in their original intent. 

"Laverton" plays more like a traditional folk song then one with punk rock sensibilities. It's a nice addition to the album in that it at least stands out from the others, which by the end, begin to sound a little similar to each other. "When Times Get Hard", which, for me, had the best melodies on the album, is further proof that these folks are at least very talented, and should they continue to pursue a musical career, might find themselves with a little underground success.

While a few songs sound the same to me, and the vocals don't always come across as polished, Year Of Scummery at least proved to me that this style of music isn't dead in other parts of the world. These are capable musicians who could do great things with a sound like this, and given some more time, could garner a little fame from it as well. - Shane

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